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Welcome to my L46 homepage.

On this side I would like to tell to you something about the keeping and breeding of the L-46 (Hypancistrus zebra).

In my opinion one of the best looking L-number Plecos which have been imported from South America so far. Maybe even the prettiest :) Nevertheless, unfortunately, the Zebraplecos are threatened by the extinction in their home biotope the Rio Xingu in Brazil. More about this you get to know under "universal".

Keeping and breeding this Pleco are relatively uncomplicated. To the water values and water quality the L46 do not put so high claims like quite a lot of other Plecos. If u wish to breed them, however u should pay attention to a sufficient water quality. U need  a good and sufficient filtering system and a  regular partial water change.

In addition, one should keep the water temperature in the L46 tank pretty high. In my tank i have in the summer approx. 29-30Ce. Due to high outside temperatures sometimes also briefly more than 30C. The Zebrapleco loves such temperatures. Indeed, here one may not forget to pay attention to an sufficient oxygen level. The zebrapleco need very much oxygen and with a high temperature there can only be solved very little O2 in the water. That's why I supply my L46 with oxygen over a "Diffusor" (vague?) which is fastened to the water admittance of an outside filter. Thus air is puffed by the outside filter constantly in the tank of the zebraplecos.

To the spawning one can animate the zebraplecos in different ways. It works just like with all other Hypancistrus kinds. Examples would be cold water changes, conductance lowering, water level changes, temperature changes or light changes. How this exactly functions I describe under "breeding" .

This is only a small summary. For more information please jsut click on the  menu points on the left sidee. If u have any questions about this fish or if u like to support my side with pictures, breeding reports, a better english (sorry its been a while since my last english lessen in school) pleasure e-mail me.

I am always glad when I can help another Plecofanatic.



Please, do not frighten the zebrapleco on top...



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