L46 Allgemeines  













The L46 comes originally from the Rio Xingu. This is a river in Brazil which flows into the Amazon. The river segment in which the Zebrapleco is found  lies between Altamira and Belo Monte.

The ground in this segment of the Xingu shows a spongelike volcano rock and provides thereby a big number of natural caves. Up to now, unfortunately, I did not have the chance to take a look at this area sofar, but maybe a possibility will be found some time in the future.

Hence, in my aquarium I have also used a black gravel, various slate records and different dimensions and forms in  caves to form a "Xingulike" living space to my zebras.

In 1989 the Zebra-Pleco has been imported to germany for the first time. Isbrücker and Nijssen described it than in 1991 as the Hypancistrus zebra.




Waterparameters:   (Datz 11/95 S.690, 06/95 S.32)

Here some Waterparameters of the Rio Xingu:

pH-Wert :           6,5

GH (°dH):            2

KH (°dKH):         4

Temp. (°C):         32,     (35 am Ufer)

Leitwert (µS/cm):    120

Fe  (mg/l):             0.05