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1. Introduction Owners of an aquarium must realize themselves that from this a danger proceeds. Which dangers are that, how one can insure oneself against it and which is then finally also actually insured, is to be described in the following. Which damage can thus e.g. develop, if the aquarium becomes leaky or breaks a disk. What is, if a large aquarium were too heavy for the floor and takes this damage? Running out water can damage the own furniture, like carpets, cabinets, chairs, table-legs etc. The aquarium must be repaired or replaced. Fish and plants can die. Electrical devices of the aquarium can be damaged or destroyed (heaters to overheat, pumps drying run). In flat lets for rent strange property can be damaged. A neighbour in the dwelling which is under it, who by the cover water dripped on the sofa, will surely require compensation. The landlord, whose cover durchnässt then and whose walls soaks are, its claims will likewise announce. Also inhabitants of a free-hold flat must count on claims of the owner community, if general property were damaged by the running out water. Who lives in the own house, has the damage to the building to carry. Which possibilities have does one now against these damage to insure oneself? What does one get replaced? How does much cost the insurance protection? Who wants to insure itself against the damage specified before in the best possible way, needs for this up to five different insurance. Nevertheless one will have to carry still a part of the damage. Which five insurance are now important? To take off the liability insurance around the damage, which was added strange persons. Thus e.g. Tenant in lower dwelling or landlord. A property insurance, if one is houseowner and thus damage to the own house has. A household insurance for the damage to the own furniture, like e.g. Carpets etc. A plate glass insurance for the damaged aquarium. An electrical appliance insurance for the electrical devices of the aquarium. The whole looks at first sight rather wild. If one sees however more exact, most will state that they have some these insurance mentioned anyway already. Nevertheless it can be that of different reasons for the damage no insurance protection consists! This can be for example because of it, contracts years ago was locked and to no more on the newest conditions is or however an aquarium after conclusion of a contract was not only purchased and was not after-announced. It gives still some reasons, which one could call, with which I here to however not further deal would like. The next sections are to describe you with the individual insurance and to supply referring to the things, to which you particularly pay attention must.

2. The liability insurance Kraft of law is committed to everyone, which adds another imprisonment for debt a damage, to the compensation. That is, if your aquarium runs out, and property of others (tenant, landlord etc.) is damaged, is obligated, independent of your in any case to the compensation whether you a liability insurance have or not. For the developed damage must stand for it straight and that can become expensive. The liability insurance covers now these costs of the compensation. Beyond that repels it in addition, requirements unjustified placed. That is circumstances, which do not admit in such a way are and therefore will survey easy. Nevertheless this point of the insurance protection can be very important. For this an example: You, your aquarium presents ran out and by the timber beam floor to the neighbour among you water on the sofa dripped. Now the sofa no more is newest, but already 20 years old. The purchase wore worn and the suspension out. Although the sofa would have heard actually better on the check garbage, your neighbour requires a brand-new sofa for 2500, - €, because of the damage otherwise one it would complain. It is surely easy to recognize that the neighbour places a covered demand here. The liability insurance examines in such a case whether the requirement of the damage is justified. In the example mentioned the insurance would reject the requirement as unjustified, would make if necessary a slight residual value remuneration available, which corresponds to the actual value of the sofa. If the neighbour should not agree and complain with it, the liability insurer would lead the process for you. You would have with the process costs and whole annoyance nothing to do. It is thus ordered here insurance protection, although one does not pay. One can regard for the case of liability claim nearly as free legal expenses insurance. If we accept once, the sofa straight would have been new and the requirement at a value of 2500, - € would have been justified, then the liability insurance would have paid the damage for you in full height and it all concerns would have likewise been loose. I hope that I described you thereby the liability insurance from the basic idea sufficient. The following should particularly consider you: Your liability insurance should always be on the newest conditions. With older contract forms there are still many exclusions. For example damage within the family not to be paid. That can be important, if e.g. Son or daughter with own family (thus own household) in the parental house lives. In newer contract forms there is not this exclusion any longer. Often the liability insurance in a abgespeckten version is sold. That has the advantage for the insurant that he pays less contribution. But it has then in addition, somewhat less insurance protection. Frequently then so-called “Allmählichkeitsschäden” is impossible in the abgespeckten version. The name says it already. Such damage must have occurred during a longer period unnoticed. Also for this an example: Presents you, you lives in a flat let for rent and have an aquarium. The aquarium stands on parquet floor. In the course of the years by being busy in the basin always times again water over-sloshed and unnoticed by you behind the aquarium, a substantial damage to the parquet caused. This would not be a typical Allmählichkeitsschaden that would be insured, if he were excluded during request position. In the abgespeckten liability version likewise often “damage to rented things” is impossible. That is called related to the above example that the damage would not be paid, since it concerns a rented dwelling. Since the parquet belongs indisputablely to the dwelling, the damage is thus not liable to pay damages. Who locks thus a liability insurance or brings an old on the newest conditions, should absolutely pay attention to these two refinement. A liability insurance belongs for what offers it to the more inexpensive insurance. On the average costs you between 50, - € and 75, - € in the year. Also here still another reference: Very old liability insurance is very many more expensive by adjustments of contribution over many years than 75, - €, although they offer mostly worse insurance protection after today's conditions. A renewal on the newest conditions brings here not only a substantially better insurance protection, but additionally also still another economy with itself.


3. The household insurance The household insurance covers damage to your own furniture, thus carpets, cabinets etc.! What ranks everything among the furniture? Briefly said everything what would carry forward you theoretically with a removal into other dwellings. Which there remains, window, among the existing buildings parts, thus soils etc. ranks doors. This is no perfect accurate definition, explanation however the difference between existing buildings parts and furniture very good. It is important that existing buildings parts (with few exceptions, on which it does not depend here) over the household insurance insured do not apply. Therefore I deal later with the property insurance in detail. In the household insurance your furniture applies insured against certain dangers. Usually are the fire, tap water, storm, hail, break-down theft and recently also elementary damage such as inundation by flood, avalanches, earthquake etc. What applies to consider it here, so that you get a damage by running out aquarium water in the best possible way adjusted? For Aquarianer the tap water insurance is substantial in this case. With the other dangers I do not continue to deal therefore. Tap water damage is damage, which resulted from tap water withdrawn against the rules. The term tap water is accurately defined and mentioned that it must concern water, which is led in and the derivative pipes of the house water supply of the building. Thus damage applies, as a Rohrbruch in the wall or a chipped off washing machine hose insures. And the hare lies exactly here in the pepper. Aquarium water is not a tap water and therefore applies such damage evenly not insured. Can one do such damage to what thus as Aquarianer over nevertheless replaced to get? One should its household insurance exactly regard or with a new contract the following consider: There is a clause, over the aquarium water the tap water becomes on an equal footing. Thus then caused damage applies insured also by aquarium water withdrawn against the rules. This clause the many insurers even free of charge also include, must however with most existing contracts be specially requested, otherwise one you, like mentioned above, go in the case of damage empty out. In the completely new household insurances in the meantime aquarium damages caused by water are automatically coinsured. Here then nothing more needs to be requested separately. These new contracts might have however the few so far. In the case of doubt should provide you for it together with your insurance responsible person Klarheit. Trusted here however on verbal promises, but do not let you show, where it is located in black and white in the contract written that such damage applies insured. Verbal arrangements are not worth in the case of damage, if it concerns the money, anything. You should likewise make certain that in your household insurance the original value applies insured. In older household insurances frequently still the current value applies insured. One recognizes the difference by the following example: A carpet cost before 5 years 1500, - €. Now it was damaged by a run out aquarium so much that must be purchased more again. With the current value with the adjustment for the 5 years use a depreciation is taken off. For example 40%. As remuneration receive your then 1500, - € abzgl. 40% depreciation, thus 900, - €. With the original value looks completely differently. The original value of a thing is the replacement value at the damage time. That is, today an equivalent new carpet was gotten by price increases in the past 5 years 1800, - € to cost, would become you this 1800, - € as remuneration. You get thus more out, than paid you at that time. Evenly the sum, which is necessary, in order to buy you the damaged object again. Further the insured sum of your furniture should correspond to the actual value of the furniture, since otherwise an under-insurance exists. You pay for a smaller insured sum less insurance premium, however the under-insurance gets proportionally taken into account in the case of damage. Example: Furniture for 50.000 is present, - € Insured is however only one sum of 25.000, - € There is thereby an under-insurance at a value of 50%. Erroneously it is often accepted that now damage to 25,000, - € fully to be paid and only larger damage (e.g. with a fire damage) with 25.000, - € to be cut.

This is an unfortunate mistake. An under-insurance is taken into account in each case of damage. With the example with the carpet, specified above, if an under-insurance of 50% would have existed, would have you in the first case only 450, - receive € and in the second case 900, - €. In the end still two important explanations: Although with a run out aquarium, the aquarium is broken, perhaps fish and plants were damaged and electrical fishbone also drying-run to be destroyed to be able, become you these, contrary to which other furniture articles by the insurance are not replaced, although it concerns free of doubts furniture articles. Why is like that? The aquarium is the cause for the damage caused by water. Temporally seen breaking or of the aquarium before the damage caused by water lies. Thus the damage caused by water did not damage the aquarium. The aquarium is broken, but it was damaged not by the insured danger (more =Wasser) and with it does not concern it also an accident, which must be replaced. With the fish, plants and electrical appliances the following circumstances are the basis: The definition of a damage caused by water is the fact that an article soaks and thereby is damaged. Exactly that is here however not the case. Fish, plants and electrical appliances are damaged not by soaking with water, but thus that no water is more present. And thus is also this no accident. The aquarium can be insured separately over a plate glass insurance. For the electrical appliances there is the electrical appliance insurance. With both insurance I deal further down still more exactly. Your fish and plants cannot insure you unfortunately at all. There is no insurance this damage takes off. These costs must always carry in the case of damage for it! The costs of the household insurance I can make overall no statement, since the insurance premium essentially depends on the insured sum, which insured it.
4. The property insurance The property insurance covers damage to existing buildings parts. Which existing buildings parts are, I already described during the household insurance. In principle all what I during the household insurance already described has, applies also to the property insurance. Versicherte dangers are fires, tap water, storm etc. Also here it must be specially requested, up to the completely new contracts, that aquarium damages caused by water apply coinsured, since aquarium water is not a tap water. Likewise must be paid attention the original value and to the correct insured sum of the building. For inhabitants of a flat let for rent or a rented house this insurance is not necessary, since damage to the building is taken off over the liability insurance, if the characteristics specified by me were considered. The landlord would be here the person, who must have this insurance. For inhabitants of a free-hold flat the thing looks somewhat differently. Here both general-used existing buildings parts can, and for example wood stairs in the stairway or the walls in the stairway damaged to be or however private existing buildings parts, like for example expensive wood doors within the own dwelling or parquet floor. Who is of it concerned, for there are two possibilities. Either one convinces owner community of it, which mentioned above clause, over which aquarium damages caused by water apply coinsured, also into the property insurance contract to include or however one requests for household insurance the fact that it coinsures certain existing buildings parts (to be then exactly designated must) to apply to be supposed. It understands itself automatically that then naturally the clause for aquarium water of the household insurance must be the basis likewise. For this cases specified above or similar it is to be coinsured possible over the household insurance also existing buildings parts. This must be again specially requested however, since it is an exception and only upon the request of the insured one also into the furniture contract one includes.

 5. The plate glass insurance As already mentions is the case for the household insurance, with a damage by run out aquarium water the aquarium is replaced not with. Who would like to thus insure its aquarium, for this the possibility has over the plate glass insurance. However some things should be considered also here. The collateral insurance of aquariums in the plate glass insurance must be specially requested. Everyone the one plate glass insurance has, automatically its aquarium coinsured. Exception are also here again completely new plate glass insurances with some insurers. Sometimes it is also possible aquariums individual to thus insure without the complete plate glass insurance for the dwelling or the house. Insured the break of the glass applies over this insurance. Break is considered defined as a jump from the disk surface to the other one goes through. This is necessary around the break of the surface defects, to define how scratches and smaller edge splinterings. There would not be this demarcation, nearly each disk would be in Germany an accident, since there is hardly a disk, which does not have a scratch. It is however insignificant whether the disk now, only a completely small corner jumped in the middle broke off or from a hole drilling in the base plate a jump to the side runs. It is important that the jump from the surface to others goes through. Unimportant it is also whereby the break developed. The plate glass insurance is a general driving insurance the fact that it does not mean, whether you with the water change of the buckets from the hand falls, falls stone superstructures into the disk or causes somebody else the glass break, is relevant. If a disk in the sense of the definition broke, the accident liable to pay damages occurred. While it is all the same in the household insurance for the case of damage whether the water comes from a become leaky or a broken aquarium, makes it during the plate glass insurance a substantial difference. A leaky aquarium, which is otherwise welfare, represents according to above definition no glass break damage and is not liable to pay damages thus also! What replaces the insurance in the case of damage? Insures applies the replacement of the damaged disk the inclusive repair costs in the form of reparations in kind! What is that called? 1. The broken disk is the case of damage. More exactly said: It is not the aquarium the case of damage, but the broken disk. Or differently expressed: You have not requirement on a new aquarium, but on the repair of the broken disk (n). Since under normal conditions with smaller basins the repair costs of a disk, which exceed value of a new aquarium, the insurer agrees mostly the acquisition of a completely new aquarium. Bonded filters, like frequently with aquariums the company Juwel available, are not along-replaced thereby because it concerns an electrical appliance. Made of glass bonded interior filter chambers are already replaced with it, however only the glass chambers and not the associated pump. With large aquariums, in particular with special preparations, which were only stuck possibly even during new acquisition in the condition area, the insurer will examine, what is lower-priced, a repair or a new acquisition. 2. Reparations in kind mean that the insurer carries replacement out, by renewing you the broken disks in same kind and quality. A cash set after cost estimate is not intended from conditions of insurance. And thus have you also no requirement on it. If you wish, do not need something else as a repair of the damage the insurer that not to agree. That can be for example the case, if due to the damage another, perhaps larger aquarium liked to purchase you. This reparations in kind regulation is singular and gives it only in the glass breakage insurance. She reserves the insurer also the right to select the repair company. In practice with the adjustment will however quite loosely proceed, so that the insurer of often also accomodating way adjusts bar. Furthermore should your following consider: If their of you aquarium insured, often a formulation is located in the kind “it applies an aquarium with 200 litres contents insured” in the insurance policy. This formulation is an exact designation of the aquarium and has the insurance-technically following consequence: It applies exactly one aquarium with 200 litres contents insured. That is, if your two aquariums with 200 litres contents have, an under-insurance exists to 50%. With three aquariums the under-insurance would be then still larger etc. I described and do not deal the consequences of an under-insurance already during the household insurance therefore any longer with it. Thus each individual aquarium must be indicated to the insurer. If you, after your insurance for a 200 litre aquarium locked you, buy another aquarium in addition and this has another litre number than that, which insured you, for example 300 litres, this applies not at all insured! It would not have insured then an aquarium correctly and one at all. With under-insurance the then nothing has to do. In order to have insurance protection for the second basin, would have to after-announce their it to insuring as aquarium with 300 litres contents. Conceivable would be also the case that a 200 litre aquarium insured you and by a 300 litre aquarium replaces, so that the first aquarium is no longer present. Then would be, although you pay insurance premiums for no longer existing 200 litres the aquarium, which does not insure 300 litres aquarium. Believe also here some, it give then a proportionate adjustment in the relationship of the litre number, in accordance with which slogan 200 litres are insured, 300 litres are present, therefore one gets two thirds of the damage replaced. That is wrong! Since that is not mentioned 300 litres aquarium in the insurance policy, it does not apply at all insured! Since the insurer cannot examine, what makes and changes for each Versicherte at home, the obligation changes is to indicate alone with the insurant. Finally it is to be still said that over the plate glass insurance only the replacement broken of the disks applies insured. Clearing up costs and the like do not apply concerning this insured. These would be replaced again by the household insurance, as far as one exists. To the price of the plate glass insurance for aquariums can be said hardly somewhat, since this from the insurers is handled to different. It is worthwhile itself to inquire however frequently with local aquarium associations, there it also concerning this possibilities gives an aquarium low-priced to insure. Many aquarium associations met a special agreement with an insurer, according to which aquariums can be insured low-priced over the association.

6. The household equipment insurance (also electrical and gas unit insurance called) The household appliance insurance covers to damage to all electrical and gas units of the household, which resulted from short-circuit, factory defects, inappropriate handling and electrical defects, which are not to due to wear. Briefly said nearly each case of damage at an electrical appliance is insured, if it does not concern wear (thus normal wear). Among the electrical and gas units all devices, which are present in the household, rank thus televisions, gas or electric cooker, hair dryer, toaster, etc. and naturally electrical aquarium accessories, like lighting, heating and pumps. This insurance we only for all devices of the household offered. Electrical aquarium accessories alone to insure, are not possible. What should one particularly consider? In this insurance a self participation nearly always is in the case of damage with inserted, formulated mostly as follows: Self participation in the case of damage 10%, at least 25, - € That means that you with smaller damage at least 25, - € to carry must and with larger damage 10% from the damage height with the adjustment taken off gets. Example: Damage: A toaster for 40, - €. After departure of the minimum self participation of 25, - € gets their 15, - € refunds. Damage: An electric cooker for 1.000, - €. After departure of the self participation at a value of 10% (= 100, - €) gets their 900, - € refunds. Who locks today a contract again, the original value insured. Who has an existing contract, should examine whether the original value insured already applies or whether, like customary years ago, still the current value is insurance basis. I explained and do not deal the terms original value and current value already during the household insurance therefore any longer with it. This insurance is offered only by few insurance. If your interest in it have and your insurance responsible person communicates you that there is not this insurance with him, must inquire you simply times with another insurer. To the price of this insurance can be said not much, because essentially on your quantitatively existing electrical appliances depends.

7. What should consider you in the case of damage? In principle it applies that your insurer the damage must prove you and not it you. This is often misjudged. If through your behavior is not controllable the damage to the height and the extent after for the insurer, this is achievement-free and you go out empty. What is called for you? If you a damage have, tries this as well as possible to document! Writes you on when the damage as immediately as possible occurred (day - time). If other persons are involved (liability claim) note their names and address. Throw in no case something away from the damaged things, before the damage is not adjusted. A damage proof becomes otherwise completely, completely heavy for you. If you create changes by clearing up work, tries the original damage condition to photograph. Photos are always in each case a good proof. Damage must be announced immediately. Does not only wait with the message days or weeks. Also the examination makes and for you the proof more difficult for the insurer. After possibility immediately (by telephone) from your insurance instruction catches up you, how are to hold back you you. If you telephone, writes you from the outset on with whom your which and when discussed. It brings finally nothing, if perhaps wrong instructions got you, but “Ross and riders” not to call know.

This text was only revised by me. Originally he was written by the Markus black, cathedral Albersloh (http://www.muenster.de/~schwarzm/)